8 Time Management Tips for Employees

With many professionals working from home and essential workers, such as retail employees and registered nurses, working double-time and struggling with staffing issues, the need to find a rhythm and remain productive becomes more important than ever. Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed by ongoing essential labor or you’re coping with a new remote work environment, here are eight helpful time management tips for remaining productive each […]

Balancing Patient Care and Parenting

The healthcare sector is known for demanding a great deal from its workforce. Long shifts, hefty knowledge, and high-pressure scenarios are common. In addition, many healthcare workers have families to care for on the homefront. If you’re a healthcare worker that also has or is going to have a family to care for, it can be difficult balancing a life filled with both patient care […]

Strategies for Improving Health Education in Patients

Going to a hospital — or even a doctor’s office, for that matter — can be a bit scary for patients. It can be intimidating for the average person when a healthcare provider begins using confusing Latin words and jargony medical talk as they discuss a patient’s various ailments. While proper communication between healthcare professionals is essential to high-quality care, it’s also important for staff […]

How to Make a Hospital Stay More Comfortable

When someone must spend extensive time recuperating in a hospital bed, it’s important that loved ones, caregivers, and even the patients themselves put in the effort to make the stay as comfortable as possible. Here are a few tips and suggestions for ways to demonstrate those hospitality skills and make a hospital stay as comfortable as possible. Make the Hospital Room Feel More Like Home […]

How to Support Safe Staffing and Why It Is Important

It’s no secret that there is a massive and ongoing staff shortage in the healthcare industry. This shortfall has been spurred on by factors such as an aging population, a rise in chronic diseases, and a lack of properly trained personnel coming out of medical schools. This has led to the concept of “safe staffing,” which focuses on maintaining an appropriate nurse-to-patient ratio at all […]

6 Tips for Quality Improvement in Healthcare

It doesn’t matter if you’re a physician working with a small private practice or a registered nurse in a giant hospital system, healthcare organizations of all shapes and sizes are constantly looking for ways that they can enhance the quality of the care that they provide. Here are six specific improvements that healthcare professionals should keep in mind as they look for ways to develop […]

How Remote Patient Monitoring Has Impacted Healthcare

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) occurs when a medical professional connects with patients virtually, either by phone, through video chat, or with other advanced technologies. Registered nurses, doctors, physicians, and other healthcare professionals use RPM to monitor patients and review their current conditions without the need to set up an appointment or interact with them face-to-face. Like other forms of telehealth, this convenient technology has gained […]

Jobs That Let You Travel Abroad and Make a Difference

When you find a job that allows you to work abroad, you can earn an income while exploring the world. While travel is attractive to most people, the costs associated with it can deter many from planning trips to foreign countries. When you pursue a career that includes traveling, you’re exposed to different cultures and adventures while working. Many of these travel-related job opportunities also […]

How to Pay for Nursing School

If you’ve decided you want to become a registered nurse, you may be concerned about the costs associated with schooling. You must obtain a nursing degree and higher education can be a costly undertaking. Although educational expenses are intimidating, there are several options to fund your education. Review these opportunities that may help you pay for nursing school. When you know about the array of […]

Healthcare Issues That Can Be Solved With Technology

Most industries experience unique problems and issues and healthcare is no exception. In the healthcare industry, registered nurses, doctors, and other medical professionals deal with systemic issues every day. However, advances in technology are focused on mitigating these challenges to allow the healthcare industry to be more efficient at achieving its goal of helping people remain healthy. The same basic skills required for success as […]

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