Things You Must Consider While Preparing Caregiver CNA Resume


A resume is a document that lists the objective, qualification, skills, and other information of a candidate required for the job that s/he is applying for. Writing a good looking, professional resume is an art. Even if you have adequate professional skills, qualifications, and experience, but you are unable to present them in a proper manner, they are of no use and your job application may get rejected then and there. So, before making a resume, take some time to decide the format of the resume and what necessary points must be included in the same.

Difference between a CV and Resume

People often use the terms CV and resume interchangeably, but there are distinct differences between the two like length, purpose, and layout, etc. Let’s have a look.


CV or curriculum vitae is an in-depth document and contains detailed information about achievements, education, thesis information, accomplishments like publications, etc. The details are mentioned in chronological order, and it gives comprehensive details about one’s working career. There is no page limit but, it must have a minimum of two pages. These are typically used for professions like teaching, researching, scholarship, etc.


A resume is the synopsis of the details that are required for the job you are applying for. It is used in almost every field like business, industries, private jobs, etc. The applicant must change and customize his/ her resume according to the job s/he is applying for. It is not mandatory to write the details chronologically, and you don’t have to cover the whole career details.

Points to Consider Before Making a Resume


The resume must be precise and must contain only relevant information that is related to the job you are applying for. Here, in the case of caregiver CNA resume, include details that are required for the profile. Eliminate irrelevant details that have nothing to do with the position you are applying for.

Format of a Resume

A well-formatted resume is a must to stand out from the crowd. It also provides correct and relevant information to the recruiter. For this, you must consider certain points like:

  • Always keep the text left-aligned.
  • Use single line spacing.
  • Don’t write paragraphs, use bullets instead.
  • A resume must not be more than 2 pages.
  • Use straight lines to separate the sections and headings in the resume.
  • You can use borders if you want.
  • Don’t use header and footer in your resume

Points to Include in a Caregiver Resume

Starting Section

The resume must start with your name in bold letters, your contact number, and email ID. You can add the postal address if you want, but don’t make this section very long.

Objective or Summary

As you are making a caregiver resume, your objective must be related to the profile and the company you are applying for. It must not be very lengthy and must reflect your aim clearly, also stating how you can add value to this job.

Basically, your summary statement should be catchy and good enough to grab the attention of the recruiter and you must take some time to write the objective part.

Key Qualification

In this section, you have to mention abilities that you have learned during your program, like measuring vital signs, knowledge of medical terminology, handling nursing equipment, etc.


This is a very flexible or versatile section where you can mention your additional abilities and skills that would help your job and add value to it. Also, it is worthless to mention anything that is not related to the job at all, and a waste of space as well.

Caregivers, are required to be soft-spoken, determined and must be patient. You can fill these soft skills in your resume to make it stand out from the crowd.

Lastly, don’t repeat the basic skills that you have already mentioned in the key qualifications.


While writing this section, make sure that you mention every detail very precisely, and it must be in a lucid language that it gives an exact idea of what you have done previously.

Every activity or task that you have performed is very essential. It gives an idea about your versatility and dedication. To make the section appealing to the hiring manager, make it as comprehensive as possible.

Another important thing that you should keep in mind is the action verb that is used while writing this section. Use verbs like provided, transferred, maintained, monitored, performed, etc.

Educational Details

Now, this is another important section that you must fill very carefully. With the general details, don’t forget to mention diploma and degrees you obtained along with the institution, location, and year of the same.


Certifications must be there on the resume. For example: if you have obtained certification in CPR or first aid or anything else, then mentioning them in your resume will make you more marketable.

Resume Sample


Alicia Duplee

Phone: 305-112-0099

Address: 2873, 12th Avenue Road, Aiea, Hawaii 96701




Looking for a challenging position where I can utilize my care-giving skills and compassionate nature for personal growth and contributing my part to the society’s overall development.

Key Qualifications

  • Very quick in measuring vital signs of the patients.
  • Familiar with disease control standards and medical terminology.
  • Proven ability to remind prescribed medication.
  • Ability to handle nursing equipment.
  • Capability to take care of elderly during night.

Additional Skills

  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Adept at preparing and serving nutritious meals.
  • Ability to organize work properly.
  • Hard-working
  • Determined and Patient

Work Experience

Senior Caregiver

Osceola Hospital (Hudson, Florida)

May 2015- present

  • Transfer client from bed to wheelchair.
  • Maintain sanitation standards of the client’s house.
  • Documentation in a suitable format.
  • Help clients in feeding and toileting.


Horizon Health Center (Ogden, Utah)

March 2014- April 2015

  • Maintained the zone dirt free, neat, and clean.
  • Assisted patients with dressing, bathing and grooming.
  • Performed first aid and emergency response procedures when necessary

Educational Details

Diploma: Edmonton High School, Edmonton, AB – 2002 | year- 2012


  • Nursing Assistant Certification- year 2014
  • CPR and First Aid- 2013
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