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Registered Nurse Certification in Maine

RN Certification in Maine is issued by the Maine State Board of Nursing, which enhances the rates of patient satisfaction and lowers the rates of errors. It imparts increased personal satisfaction and confidence that comes after completing the certification.

Requirements of RN Certification

The applicants may acquire RN license either by examination or by endorsement.

  • By Examination The requirements for license by examination are:
    • Completed application form notarized with signature.
    • Submit appropriate fee of $75 in the form of money order, Visa/MasterCard, or U.S. check made payable to “Treasurer of State of Maine.”Note: For paying the fees by Visa/MasterCard print the following page and after filling the details include it with your application form:
    • Enclose 2”x2” recent passport sized photograph with signature and date.
    • Submit transcripts (for out of state programs only) to the Board.
  • By Endorsement In addition to above requirements the applicant must also fulfil the below mentioned requirements:
    • The applicant must be a graduate holding a degree, certificate, or diploma.
    • Must be licensed by examination, in English, in another U.S. state or territory.
    • Successfully completed NCLEX-RN exam.
    • Issued a U.S. Social Security number.
    • License verification from the state or territory where the original license was issued.

Procedure to Obtain RN License

  • By Examination The procedure for obtaining RN license by examination is:
  • By Endorsement The procedure for obtaining RN license by examination is:

Renewal of RN License in Maine

All RN licenses expire in every two years. No continuing education is required for renewing the RN license in Maine. A renewal notification is received two months prior to the birth date.


The applicants may use either of the two methods to renew their active RN license:

  • Paper Application:The applicants need to request for a paper application and must follow these steps:
    • The applicants must sign the front of the application form.
    • They need to answer the four questions written at the back of the application form.
    • Enclose appropriate fee of $75.
    • Enclose all the documents in an envelope and send it to the office by post, prior to your birth date.
    • In case of name change or/and address change, put all the legal documents verifying a name/address change in the space provided on the front of the application form.

Reinstatement or Reactivating RN License in ME

The applicants who wish to reinstate their lapsed license or reactivate an inactive license, they can contact at the following address:


Call at (207) 287-9946

Online Status Check

The applicants may use the following link to check the status of their license:

Verification of RN License

The applicants may verify their RN license by either of the two methods:

  • Online:The applicants may verify their licenses online using:
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