Registered Nurse Certification in How to Become an RN in Arizona: Nursing License Application and Renewal Guide

Registered Nurse Certification in Arizona

Registered nurse certification in Arizona not only provides career satisfaction and boosts the income, but also enhances the confidence, credibility and better job opportunities in the future. The RNs in this state are licensed by the Arizona Board of Nursing. A registered nurse license instils you with a sense of personal accomplishment and pride.

Requirements to Obtain RN License

RN certification can be obtained either by examination or by endorsement.

  • By Examination :
    For acquiring RN license through examination, the candidates are required to fulfil various conditions that are given below:

    • The candidate is expected to be of 18 years or above.
    • Applicants are necessitated to complete their graduation in any of the Board-approved programs at the bachelor, associate or diploma level.
    • Aspirants should have to pass the NCLEX-RN exam with the minimum marks (i.e. 70%).
    • It’s obligatory to submit the documents of nationality/citizenship along with the application.
    • Provide the primary/home state of residence.
    • The application will be cancelled if the applicant has one or more felony convictions. So, you must have a clean criminal background.
    • Submit fingerprints report.
    • By Endorsement : The applicants must meet the following requirements to obtain an RN license by endorsement.
      • Validation of Educational Requirements
        • Obtain an application from CGFNS (Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools) in order to get any of the below mentioned documents:
          • The Health Care Professionals Course by Course Report
          • CGFNS Certification (Practical nurses educated in foreign countries can’t avail this option)
          • The Full Education Course by Course Report
          • Certificate for VISA screen

Note- The Arizona State Board of Nursing will not issue a temporary license until and unless it doesn’t receive a CGFNS ID number, in case you choose to acquire any of the above mentioned documents.


        • To finish an educational equivalency report, request an application from IERF (International Education Research Foundation).


        • To complete an Education Evaluation for Nursing Licensure, request (or download) an application from ERES (Educational Records Evaluation Services).


      • Request the Canadian licensure board to submit a passing score on the English language version of the Canadian Licensure Exam (CRNE) or CNATS and status of the Canadian licensure verification to the Arizona State Board of Nursing.
      • Validate Your English Language Skills
        • If you have completed your graduation in the country or territory where the native language is English, i.e. Barbados, United Kingdom, Tobago, Canada (except Quebec), Jamaica, Australia, Trinidad, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, or United States/Territory, you do not require validation of your English language skills.
        • If you have graduated from a nursing school where the principle language is not English, you are required to pursue one of the following options:
          • TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language): One in the following:-Computer Based: a minimum score of 207 in the exam and a minimum score of 50 in TSE (Test of Spoken English).Paper-Based: a minimum score of 540 in the exam and a minimum score of 50 in TSE.Internet-Based (iBT) TOEFL: a minimum score of 76 in the exam.


          • IELTS (International English Language Test Service Academic Examination): on the Overall Band Score, a minimum score of 6.5, and on the Speaking Score, minimum 7.0.


          • TOEIC (Test of English in International Communication): overall minimum score of 725, and 50 in TSE.


          • Visa Screen Certificate issued from CGFNS


          • A score of 50 on the TSE or CGFNS Certificate


        • Proof of employment for at least 960 hours in the country or territory where the native language is English, within the past five years.
    • Validation of Practice : The candidates must complete one of the following requirements:
      • Practiced nursing for at least 960 hours in the five years before the date, the application was received; or
      • Finished a nursing program and acquired a degree within past 5 years; or
      • Completed refresher course approved by the Board within the past 5 years; or
      • Gained an Advance Practice Certificate or Advanced Nursing degree within the past 5 years.
    • Qualify the NCLEX-RN exam
    • Proof of Licensure You are required to present evidence of licensure in another state or United States territory. Request your original licensure state to send the verification directly to the State Board of Nursing of Arizona.
    • Submit your application with the finger print card and appropriate fees.

Application Procedure for RN Certification

  • By Examination The process to apply for registered nurse certification by examination is described below.Step 1- Register for the NCLEX-RN exam at least one month prior to completion of graduation.Step 2- Send your application to the Arizona State Board of Nursing.Step 3- Within 7 to 10 days after you finish your graduation, your nursing program issues ‘transcripts’ or ‘certificate of completion’ to the Board. It’s essential to make you qualified for the test.

    Step 4- Pay the required fee to Pearson VUE. After the payment, the Board submits your name, and you have 90 days to take the test.

    Note- You’ll not be deemed as eligible until and unless, you don’t deposit your fees.

    Step 5- The candidate is entitled to take the test only after the Board receives the transcripts and a completed application.

    Step 6- You’ll receive authorization to test (ATT) by Pearson VUE via mail.

    Step 7- Call the test center to schedule your exam.

    Step8- Take the exam within 90 days.

    Step9- Check your result 7-10 days after taking the exam by using the following link:

    Step 10- Approximately after 7-10 days, if all the requirements are fulfilled, the Arizona State Board of Nursing will send you license by mail, and you can start practicing as a nurse.

    Note-Arizona is one of the Compact States. Don’t apply for certification in this state if your Primary State of Residency is another Compact State and you’re going to declare Arizona as your Primary State of Residency.

  • By Endorsement FeesThe applicants applying for RN license by endorsement have to pay an application fee of $150 with an additional fingerprint check fee of $50. For temporary license, an optional fee of $50 is required to be paid by the candidate. Thus, a total of $250 (or $200, in case temporary license is not requested) must be paid to the Arizona State Board of Nursing by cheque or money order. If you opt to make payment by debit/credit card, you will have to complete the authorization form attached with the application form.Application FormThe form for obtaining registered nurse license by endorsement can be downloaded using the following link:

    After completion of the required details, send the application form to the ASBN.

Renewal of RN License in AZ

In order to continue their practice in Arizona, nurses are required to renew their license on time after every five years. The certificate can be renewed either online or in-person. The general requirements for renewing the RN license in this state are as follows:

  • Submit a renewal fee of $160.
  • Continuing Education is not required in this state. But, the applicants are expected to work 960 hours in the past 5 years as a nurse; or
  • Complete a refresher course recognized by the state.

Methods for Renewal of RN Certification

  • OnlineThe applicants holding a license with the Arizona State Board of Nursing (ASBN) can renew their RN licensure by using the following link and can directly fulfil their application details online. For online renewal, you just need to enter your PIN Code and Username. Online renewal is not possible if you don’t possess a certificate with the ASBN.
  • In person For a paper application, you need to submit a written request and a business size self-addressed stamped envelope to:Arizona State Board of Nursing4747 North 7th Street, Suite 200Phoenix, Arizona- 85014-3655

    Note- If you opt to renew your certificate with a paper application, the license will be issued 29 days after the application is received.

Verification of RN License

The licensees are required to verify their license. This can be done either online or through a mail.


Click the below given link to get your certification verified.


The application for verification can be downloaded from the following link. After completion of all the required details, send it to the Arizona State Board of Nursing.

Duplicate License

In case, your original certificate is lost or stolen, you can request for a duplicate one. For this, you are required to download the form and send it to the ASBN after filling it completely.

Temporary RN License/Certification

The applicants requesting for temporary license must fulfil the following requirements:

  • Submit the fingerprint card and application
  • Pay licensure fees
  • Passed the NCLEX-RN exam
  • No previous criminal record

You can download the form from the link provided below, and deliver it to the mailing address, mentioned at the top left corner of the form.

Registered Nurse Certificate- Inactive Status

Registered nurses, holding an Arizona license, can request for inactive status if they wish to discontinue their nursing practice. No fee is required for inactive status. In the future, if you wish to restart your practice, you must submit a renewal application form.

The applicants can download ‘Inactive Status’ application from this link:

Registered Nurse Certificate- Retired Status

The retired nurse, who held an Arizona license previously, and has no pending complaint or investigation against him/her, may request for retired status. No fee is required for retired status. If a retired nurse wishes to restart the practice, he/she need to submit a renewal application.

The applicants can download the retired nurse application using the following link:

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