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Registered Nurse Certification in Nebraska

Registered nurse certification in Nebraska not only boosts up your confidence, but also augments your chances of getting hired by the recruiters. However, acquiring an RN license is not an easy task. One has to undergo program, and then pass the NCLEX-RN exam to realize the dream of becoming a registered nurse. The Nebraska State Board of Nursing issues certification in the state.

Requirements of Obtaining RN License in Nebraska

1. Examination

  • Complete graduation from a state approved nursing program.
  • Pass the NCLEX-RN.
  • Submit proof of age and citizenship:
    • Age – Provide documents such as school transcript, driver’s license, marriage license, birth certificate, Military ID, US State ID card, or similar documentation to verify the minimum age requirement of 19 years.
    • Citizenship – Submit any one of the following documents verifying your lawful presence in the state.
      • Unexpired or expired U.S. Passport or
      • Birth certificate with an official seal issued by the state, county, municipal authority or outlying possession of the United States or
      • Form I-872 (American Indian Card), or
      • Form N-550 or N-570 (Certificate of Naturalization), or
      • Form N-560 or N-561 (Certificate of Citizenship), or
      • Form DS-1350 (Certification of Report of Birth), or
      • Form FS-240 (Consular Report of Birth Abroad of a Citizen of the U.S.), or
      • Form FS-545 or DS-1350 (Certification of Birth Abroad), or
      • Form I-197 or I-179 (United States Citizen Identification Card), or
      • Form I-873 (Northern Mariana Card), or
      • Green Card, An Alien Registration Receipt Card (Form I-551), or
      • An unexpired foreign passport with an unexpired Temporary I-551 stamp with the same name as that of the passport, or
      • Document Verifying “A#”  (an Alien Registration Number), or
      • Arrival-Departure Record (Form I-94)
  • Submit official transcript showing graduation date and degree.
  • Provide a recent, wallet-sized, autographed, clear, head and shoulder photograph.

2. Endorsement

  • Complete graduation from a state approved nursing program.
  • Provide certification of having passed the NCLEX-RN (National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses) or SBTPE (State Board Test Pool Examination).
  • Submit evidence of age/citizenship (see point number III of requirements of RN License by examination).
  • Must be previously or is currently licensed in another U.S. state, territory, or jurisdiction.
  • Satisfy any one of the following continuing competency requirements:
    • Completed graduation from a state approved nursing program within the past two years.
    • Completed at least 500 hours of nursing practice within the past five years.
    • Successfully completed an approved refresher course within the past five years.
  • Provide an official transcript showing graduation degree and date.

Procedure to Obtain RN License in NE

The procedure to gain certification either by examination or endorsement is:

  • Carefully read the information mentioned in the form.
  • Enclose a non-refundable fee of $123 made payable to “DHHS, Licensure Unit”.
  • If you are applying for licensure by examination, register yourself with the Pearson VUE using after submitting the application. Upon approval of all the documents, the Board notifies the Pearson VUE, and an ATT is sent to you. After receiving the ATT, schedule and take the exam.
  • Submit the application form, fees, and all the required documents to the following Board office address:Department of Health & Human Services
    Division of Public Health, Licensure Unit
    P.O. Box 94986, Lincoln, Nebraska-68509-4986

International Graduates

All graduates from foreign educational programs applying for an RN certification in the state need to fulfil the following requirements:

  • Submit completed application form with the required details.
  • Provide evidence of completion of graduation from a nursing program equivalent to the approved program in the U.S. Request your nursing school or Commission for Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS) to submit your official transcripts directly to the Board.
  • Submit evidence of having taken the CGFNS examination or the Canadian licensing examination.
  • If you have completed your graduation from non-English speaking nursing programs, you are required to pass any one of the following English proficiency exams with the minimum scores:
    • TOEFL paper version-540
    • TOEFL computer version-207
    • TOEFL internet version-83
    • IELTS-725
    • TOEIC-780
  • Submit proof of age and citizenship (Refer point number 3 in the requirements of RN license by examination column).
  • After the Department approves all the above requirements, complete the NCLEX-RN examination application. Schedule and clear the NCLEX-RN exam.

Temporary Permit

All RNs licensed in another U.S. state or jurisdiction may apply for a 60-day temporary permit, if they fulfill the following requirements:

  • Submit the endorsement application with the essential details.
  • Pay the required fee.
  • Provide the evidence of age/citizenship.
  • Submit verification of active and current license in another U.S. state.

A temporary permit may be issued to nurses who have not completed graduation within the past two years or who have not completed 500 hours of nursing practice within the last five years, only if they enroll themselves in a refresher course.

Verification of RN License

Verification to Other U.S. State

To provide verification of your Nebraska license to another nursing state board in the U.S., you may use the following link:

Verification to Foreign Country

If you need to provide verification/certification of licensure to a foreign country, you will have to submit your written request with the required fee in the form of check/money order drawn in the name of “DHHS, Licensure Unit” to the mailing address mentioned above.

The written request for certification must include the following information:

  • Fee of $25.00
  • Certification included
  • Licensee name
  • Type of license
  • License number
  • Date of issue
  • Date of expiry
  • Whether the license was granted by reciprocity, waiver, or examination
  • Grades received by the subject for issuance of a license
  • If any disciplinary action was taken against the licensee in the past, provide the date(s) and type(s) of the action
  • Provide seal of the Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services

Renewal of RN License

All registered nurse licenses in Nebraska expire on 31st October every even-numbered year.

To renew your RN license, follow the given instructions:

  • Submit renewal notice.
  • Meet the continued competency requirements.
  • Provide renewal fee of $123.

You are required to fulfill any ONE of the following continued competency requirements to renew your license:

  1. Successfully completed a refresher course approved by the Board, within the last five years.
  1. Completed at least 500 hours of nursing practice within the last five years along with completion of at least 20 contact hours of continuing education within the past two years. Out of the 20 hours, at least 10 hours must be peer reviewed, and not more than 4 hours should be of CPR or BLS classes.
  1. Complete graduation from a nursing program during the past two years.
  1. Complete graduation from a nursing program in more than two years but less than five years, and complete minimum of 20 contact hours of continuing education during the last two years. Out of the 20 contact hours, at least ten hours must be peer reviewed and at most four hours should be of BLS or CPR classes.
  • Gain current certification in a nursing specialty endorsed by a nationally recognized organization.
  • Develop and maintain a portfolio showing the current continued competency goals of the licensee and appropriate evidence of professional activities required to complete those goals.

Method of License Renewal

Click on the following link to renew your license:

Reinstatement of Inactive or Expired License

You may apply for reinstatement of your licensure, if you had held a Nebraska license previously, had limitations placed thereon, license is suspended, or is currently on inactive or lapsed status.

In order to reinstate your license, you must complete any one of the requirements of continued competency (Refer renewal of RN license section to see the various continued competency requirements).


  • Read the instructions carefully.
  • Provide a non-refundable fee of $158.
  • Submit the reinstatement form with the appropriate fee to the Board office.

Fee Structure

You may view the complete fee schedule by visiting the following link:

Duplicate/Reissue License

Duplicate License

The applicants are required to request for a duplicate license at the time of applying for a licensure. A fee of $10 is charged per request.

Reissue License

The applicants may apply to reissue their license in the following cases:

  • Name change
  • Lost
  • Address change
  • Stolen
  • Duplicate copy
  • Printed with the wrong name/address
  • Never received
  • Destroyed by accident
  • Other reason resulting in the reissue of the license

Steps to Reissue a License

  • Provide reissuance fee of $10.
  • Submit the request and the fee to:Licensure Unit
    P.O. Box- 94986
    Lincoln, Nebraska- 68509-4986

License Search

The applicants may search their license online using the following link:

You may select any of the following three options depending on what you wish to search:

  • Individual – It includes nurses, physicians, medication aides, dentists, nurse aides, etc.
  • Business/Service – It includes community pharmacies, emergency medical services, early childhood programs, funeral establishments, cosmetology salons, etc.
  • Facility/Service – It includes nursing homes, hospitals, assisted-living facilities, etc.
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