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Registered Nurse Certification in Arkansas

Registered Nurse Certification in Arkansas

The Arkansas State Board of Nursing (ARSBN) issues registered nurse certification in Arkansas. Holding an RN license to carry out your career in the nursing field is mandated by the Nurse Practice Act. You can enrich your career and enhance your competency, credibility and salary potential by gaining registered nurse licensure. With an RN licensure, you can increase your marketability in the job market.

Requirements to Obtain an RN License in Arkansas (AR)

  • By Examination
    The eligibility criteria to obtain an RN license by examination are:

    • Minimum age of eighteen years.
    • Complete your graduation (associate, bachelor or diploma course) from an approved school.
    • Clear the NCLEX-RN (National Council Licensure Exam- Registered Nurse) examination.
  • By Endorsement
    Those applicants, who are applying for RN license by endorsement, are required to fulfil the following requirements:

    • Possess an active and current registered nurse license in another state.
    • Hold a graduate degree in any of the three courses- diploma, associate, or bachelor in nursing.
    • Pass the NCLEX-RN exam conducted by the state Board.
    • If you are an internationally educated nurse and licensed in other jurisdiction, you’ll have to validate that your education program was largely similar to the nursing program in Arkansas. This can be done through an official transcript from your nursing program.

Procedure of Registered Nurse Certification

  • By Examination
    The step-by-step procedure for acquiring license is as follows:

    • Pay the appropriate fees by E-check or credit card.
    • Provide United States social security number.
    • Provide a valid mailing address and email ID in order to receive an Arkansas GovPay Receipt email and automatic acknowledgement of online application email after application submission.
    • Verify your graduation from the nursing director of your program via secure electronic verification process (if you are pursuing graduation from in-state program) or via verification form (if you are pursuing graduation from an out-of-state program).
    • Submit an official transcript to the Arkansas State Board of Nursing office provided by your nursing school.
    • Submit fingerprint card for criminal background check to the following address:Arkansas State Police Criminal Background Check
      1 State Police Plaza Drive
      Little Rock, Arkansas- 72209
    • If you are considered eligible to test by the ARSBN, you’ll be sent ATT (Authorization to Test) via mail by Pearson VUE.
    • You will receive your license once you clear the examination. Until receipt of the exam results, you can request for a temporary permit.
  • By Endorsement
    The step-by-step procedure for RN certification by endorsement is as follows:

    • Pay the suitable fees by E-check or credit card. For your records, you can print a copy of the payment page.
    • Provide a valid social security number.
    • Provide a mailing address for further communication by the Board.
    • Provide a valid email address to receive an automatic acknowledgement of online application and an Arkansas GovPay Receipt after application submission.
    • Submit license verification to the Arkansas State Board of Nursing.
    • Submit a complete set of fingerprints for criminal background check.
    • For international applicants, submit a complete official course-by-course education verification professional report to the Board.

Renewal of RN License

The renewal of registered nurse certification in Arkansas is done biannually. Candidates are ought to meet the under given requirements to get their license renewed.

  • Continuing education of 15 practice-focussed contact hours.
  • Completion of a health specific course or board certified nursing.

The applicants can renew their licenses using the ARSBN’s online renewal system. The renewal fees can be paid by E-check or through a MasterCard, Visa, or Discover Credit Card. After the completion of the renewal process, a receipt screen will pop up in front of you. Print it and keep it in your records as proof of payment. Use the following link to renew your license online:

The applicants may not be able to renew their license if they fulfil one of the following criteria:

  • Expiry date of your license is more than 5 years.
  • You have committed a crime or found guilty to any charge since your last renewal.
  • You have been addicted or treated for the use of alcohol or drugs since your last renewal.
  • You are residing outside the United States and not serving in the military.
  • Your current primary state of residence is Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Kentucky, Mississippi, Maine, Maryland, Missouri, North Carolina, North Dakota, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin, or any other compact state.

Licensure Status Check

The status of your state licensure application can be checked online using the following link:

NewYour application has been received
PendingThe application is under process
OutstandingYou need to submit your documents
ApprovedApplication process is finished and is approved by the Board
DeniedApplication process is finished and is disapproved by the Board

Fee Structure

The applicants may use the following link to check the fee structure for RN certification in Arkansas:

Duplicate License

In case, your certificate is lost or stolen, the applicants can use any of the following two methods to obtain a duplicate license.

  • Online
    If you want to make a request for the duplicate license online, you will have to provide requisite license information, such as license number, social security number and date of birth.The applicants can apply online for the duplicate certificate by clicking on the following link.
  • By Mail
    The applicants can download the application form from the below provided link and submit a non-refundable duplicate license fee of $25 with the application form. The fee cane be paid through cheque or money order made payable to the Arkansas Board of Nursing.
    After filling all the details, send the form along with the fees to the following address:Arkansas State Board of Nursing
    University Tower Building
    1123 South University, Suite- 800
    Little Rock, Arkansas- 72204

Temporary License Permit

The applicants applying for a temporary license in Arkansas must read the following instructions:

  • Applicants Applying by Examination
    • A temporary permit is issued within 90 days of your nursing education program completion and cannot be reissued.
    • The applicants must register themselves with the Pearson VUE.
    • A temporary license is valid for 90 days.
    • It will not be issued until a clear criminal background record is reviewed.
    • You can check the status of temporary permit by using the following link:
  • Applicants Applying by Endorsement
    • The applicant should hold a current license from another state to get a temporary permit from the ARSBN.
    • The temporary license may not be reissued and is valid for 6 months.
    • You will not be issued permits on a walk-in basis, and all the correspondence will be mailed to your address, which you have provided on the application.
    • Once issued, temporary permit status can be verified using the following link:

Active to Inactive License

RNs, who have move to another state or do not wish to continue their practice in nursing any further, may put their license on inactive status. Download the ‘Inactive Request Form’ and submit it to the Arkansas State Board of Nursing (ARSBN) office.

Once inactive, the license can be activated again only by renewing it.

License Verification

The applicants applying for licensure in the state of Arkansas are required to submit license verification. The ARSBN provides the following options for this purpose:

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