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Registered Nurse Certification in Nevada

Registered nurse certification in Nevada verifies the knowledge, skills, and abilities of a nurse. The certification is issued by the Nevada State Board of Nursing, which licenses nurses through examination or endorsement. It aims at providing better health facilities to the citizens in the state.

Requirements for acquiring RN Licensure in Nevada

  • Examination – The requirements for acquiring licensure by examination are as follows:
    • Successfully completed and provided the fingerprint card.
    • Passed the licensing exam, NCLEX-RN.
    • Provide an appropriate non-refundable fee of $151.25 (which includes application fee of $100 and fingerprint fee of $51.25) in the form of cashier’s or personal check, money order, Visa™ or MasterCard™, Discover™ or American Express™ credit or debit card made payable to the “Nevada State Board of Nursing”.
    • Must possess a U.S. social security number.
    • Graduated from state approved nursing school with an RN degree.
    • Provide official transcripts (including the description of your degree) from your nursing school to the Board.
      • Graduates from Nevada: Use the given steps in order to fulfill this requirement.
        • Request an affidavit of successful completion of graduation from your nursing school to be sent directly to the Board, making you eligible for interim permit.
        • Request your nursing school to send an official transcript directly to the Nevada Board.
      • Out-of-state graduates: Request an official transcript of your nursing program to be sent directly from your nursing school to the Nevada board.
      • Graduates from International nursing programs: Provide your CGFNS/CES professional report to the Board (if you are licensed for less than five years).
  • Endorsement – The requirements for acquiring RN licensure by endorsement are:
    • Completed graduation from the Board approved nursing program.
    • Provide an appropriate non-refundable fee of $156.25 (which includes application fee of $105 and fingerprint fee of $51.25) in the form of Visa™ or MasterCard™, money order, cashier’s or personal check, Discover™ or American Express™ credit or debit card, in the name of “Nevada State Board of Nursing”.
    • Submit proof of graduation:
      • U.S. graduates – Submit a copy of the official transcript (indicating a nursing degree and graduation date) issued by the registrar to the Board or to the student.
      • International graduates
        • Successfully passed one of the English proficiency exams.
        • Provide copy of official transcript to the Board including nursing degree and graduation date.
    • Passed either of the two licensing examinations: SBTPE or NCLEX.
    • Have a U.S. social security number
    • Hold a permanent and active license, in another state or territory.
    • Successfully submitted fingerprint cards including its appropriate fee.
    • Successfully passed any of the English proficiency exams.
    • Submit verification of licensure from the state you were originally licensed either by using or by filling the form enclosed with the licensure by endorsement application form.

Procedure to Obtain RN License by Examination

The step by step procedure for certification by examination is:

Step 1:
Download the application form using the below link:

Step 2:
Carefully read the information mentioned in the application form.

Step 3:
You may apply for an interim permit for 90 days in the application form.

Step 4:
Register yourself with the NCLEX testing vendor, PEARSON VUE using the online link available at

Step 5:
Upon completion of all the required documents, the Pearson VUE will issue an ATT (Authorization to Test).

Step 6:
On receiving the ATT, schedule a test date by contacting the Pearson VUE within 90 days.

Step 7:
Return the application form with the required documents to the following address:

Nevada State Board of Nursing
5011 Meadowood Mall Way
Suite 300, Reno, Nevada 89502-6576

Procedure to Obtain RN License by Endorsement

The procedure for certification by endorsement is:

  • Read the instructions mentioned in the form.
  • Submit the application form with the required documents to the Board office address mentioned above.

International Graduates

All graduates from a non-U.S. nursing program are required to meet the following requisites:

  • Submit the CES professional report evaluated from CGFNS (Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools) to the following address:Nevada State Board of Nursing
    4220 S. Maryland Pkwy., #300,
    Las Vegas, Nevada- 89109-7533You may contact the CGFNS using the following information-Address- 3600 Market Street, Suite 400, Philadelphia, PA 19104-2651, USA
    Telephone: (215) 349-8767
    Fax: (215) 662-0425
    Email –
    Website –
    TELEX: 402409 CGFNS PHA
    Cable: CGFNS, Philadelphia, USA
  • The applicants are required to pass any one of the English proficiency exam, if their native language is other than English. Graduates from countries like Australia, Barbados, Canada (except Quebec), Ghana, Ireland, Jamaica, New Zealand, South Africa, Tobago, Trinidad, United Kingdom, or United States/territory are not required to validate the exam skills. The passing minimum scores of the various English proficiency exams are as follows:
    • IBT (internet based) TOEFL –  Overall score of 84 with a minimum score 26 in spoken English section. For any information regarding TOEFL testing, you may use the below information.Email – TOEFL@ets.orgWebsite – www.toefl.orgOR
    • PTE (Pearson Test of English Academic) – a minimum passing overall score of 55 and 50 in all individual sections.

Procedure to obtain RN license for International Graduates

The steps for international graduates are:

  • Apply for the CES professional report evaluated by CGFNS.
  • Pass any one of the English proficiency exam.
  • Submit the completed RN licensure application form.
  • Provide fingerprint cards.
  • After completing all the requirements, apply to take the licensure exam, NCLEX-RN.

Verification of RN License in NV

In order to verify whether an individual, or a batch (group) of individuals, holds a current and active license in Nevada, you may use any of the following links:

Renewal/Reactivation of RN License

All Nevada licenses expire in every two years and a fee of $100 is charged for renewal applications. The RNs may renew their licenses, if they meet the following requirements:

  • Complete 30 contact hours of continuing education within the two years validity period of the license.
  • Practiced nursing (paid or volunteer work) in any U.S. state, within the last 5 years. You are required to complete a refresher course, if you have not practiced nursing in the specified time.
  • Successfully completed bioterrorism course on or after January 1, 2005 with a minimum duration of 4 hours. This duration of the course may be counted in the continuing education requirements of 30 hours.
  • If you hold an active Nevada license for more than five years, you must submit the fingerprint cards to carry out the renewal process.

Methods to renew your license

  • By mail – Use the following steps to apply via mail:
    • The applicants need to download the pdf file.
    • Provide an appropriate fee in the form of debit/credit card, money order, or personal cashiers check made payable to the “Nevada State Board of Nursing”.
    • Submit the completed application with the required fee to-Nevada State Board of Nursing
      5011, Meadowood Mall Way,
      Suite 300, Reno, Nevada- 89502-6576

Fee Structure

The applicants may review the complete fee structure using the following link:

Transfer into another States

The applicants applying for endorsement into another state may verify their Nevada license using the below link. A fee of $30 is charged.

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