Registered Nurse Certification in How to Become an RN in Georgia: Nursing License Application and Renewal Guide

Registered nurse certification in Georgia increases the confidence and infuses a sense of achievement among aspirants. The Georgia Board of Nursing, which is intended for the betterment of the society by providing better nursing care, issues RN licensure in the state. Certification is a validation of your dexterity, prowess and competency, and provides you the authority to carry out your practice without any hassle.

Requirements for RN License

The aspirants may obtain their RN license in Georgia either by examination or endorsement by fulfilling the requisite criteria.

1. By Examination

The requirements for licensure by examination are:

  • For students graduated from the Georgia Board of Nursing approved programs and traditional nursing education programs
    • Complete the application form.
    • Enclose a non-refundable fee of $40 in the form of money order, cashier’s check or certified check made payable to the Georgia Board of Nursing.
    • Provide social security number.
    • Submit an official transcript including the degree conferred and your graduation date.
    • Enclose the verified copies sealed by the court in an envelope if you have responded “yes” to any discipline/legal question(s).
    • Complete criminal background check by providing fingerprints. Click on the following link for the same:
      In the above link,
    • Choose either “Single Applicant Registration” or “Multiple Applicant Registration” under the “Registration” column.
    • Then, choose “Print Locations & Hours” under the “Print Site Location”, and see the nearest site that process fingerprinting.
  • For international graduates
    • Fill the application form completely.
    • Provide the U.S. social security number.
    • In countries where the native language is not English, the applicants are required to pass TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) with minimum scores. The acceptable minimum scores are 540 (paper), 207 (computer-based) and 76 (internet-based).
    • Provide CGFNS (Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools) Certificate or CES (Certificate or the Credentials Evaluation) course-by-course report.
    • Provide verification of licensure.
    • Submit proof of nursing practice in another territory, district, state, province or country as a registered nurse for 3 months, or completion of 500 contact hours within 4 years preceding the application’s date.

2. By Endorsement

The candidates must meet the following requisites while applying for the license by endorsement:

    • The application form must be filled correctly and completely.
    • Enclose a non-refundable fee of $60 made payable either through check or money order, drawn on the name of “Professional Licensing Boards”.
    • Provide verifications of certificate for your current state and original state of licensure. If you already possess a current license in your original state of licensure, you just need to provide verification from that state.
    • Request your nursing school to submit your official transcripts to the Georgia Board of Nursing.
      • The candidates, who have completed their graduation outside the U.S., may be required to submit a report to the Board office from the CGFNS’ (Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools) Credentials Evaluation Service.
      • The candidates, who have graduated from a non-traditional nursing program, must fulfill the requirements of the Board.
    • The candidates are required to provide one of the following documents:
      • Proof of completion of graduation from a state-approved nursing program within 4 years of the application date.


    • Proof of completion of 500 contact hours of practice as an RN within 4 years preceding the application date by attaching “Verification of Employment Form”.
  • The candidates are supposed to submit the verified copy of the official documents disclosing all the previously committed crimes/arrests as required by the Board and a written letter explaining each incident, as well as official documents displaying the final disposition of the incident.
  • The aspirants must provide a photocopy of their driving license, passport, or any other official document verifying their U.S. citizenship status.
  • Notarize your application form after completing it.
  • Complete a criminal background check as described above in the requirements of the license by examination (point number 6).

Procedure to Obtain RN License by Examination

The applicants may use any of the two methods as per their convenience:

    • Online ApplicationThe aspirant may apply online for an RN license using the link that follows: You need to register with the above site before using the online services.Follow the below given instructions in order to apply for a new license in the state.
      • Register yourself with the Criminal Background Check Systems (COGENT) at least 48 hours before applying for an RN license. During the registration process, enter the following details:
        • GA922931Z in the ORI/OAC field
        • 922931Z in the Verification field
      • Register yourself with the testing service, Pearson VUE, at least 48 hours before filling the application online. This ensures that you are now registered to take the licensing exam, i.e. the NCLEX-RN.
      • Read the questions carefully regarding any previous crime. Make sure you specify it here itself if you were arrested in the previous years, for avoiding any further delay in the licensure process. You must answer “yes” even if the charges were reduced, dismissed, or expunged later.
      • Enter a valid email address for any future conversations by the Board.
      • Use the same name while applying for licensure and registering with Pearson VUE and ensure that the information submitted by your nursing program also provides the name matching on your application.
      • Provide your date of birth while filling your application.
      • Submit official documents verifying your citizenship in the U.S. You may provide your driving license, passport, or any other valid document.
      • The applicants, who have completed their graduation from Georgia nursing education programs, may send their official transcripts electronically from their respective nursing education program.
    • Paper Application
      • For graduates of Georgia Board of Nursing approved programs and traditional nursing education programs
        • Carefully read all the instructions mentioned in the form.
        • Register yourself with the testing service, Pearson VUE, using the following link:
        • After completing the registration, an ATT (Authorization to Test) will be sent to you by the testing vendor.
        • After receiving the ATT, schedule your exam.
        • Take and pass the NCLEX-RN exam.
        • Once the exam is cleared, the Board will issue a license.
      • For graduates of non-traditional nursing education programs
        • Follow the steps 2 to 7 of the above mentioned procedure.
      • For international graduates
        • Follow the same steps 2 to 7 of the above mentioned procedure (paper application for traditional program graduates).

Procedure to Acquire RN License by Repeat Examination

      • For international graduates
        • Follow the same steps 2 to 7 of the above mentioned procedure (paper application for traditional program graduates).
      • For U.S. graduates
        • Follow the same steps 2 to 7 of the above mentioned procedure.

Procedure for Obtaining RN License by Endorsement

The step-by-step procedure for obtaining an RN license by endorsement is as follows:

How to verify your license?

The applicants may choose any of the following methods to verify their license:

      • OnlineThe aspirants, who are applying for the license by endorsement, are required to provide the verification of their license to the original state of licensure and the current state of licensure. They may use the following link to verify their
      • By MailThe candidates can download the verification form by endorsement using the following link:

Verification of Employment

The aspiring individuals can download the forms for verification of employment by using the following links:

Renewal of the Registered Nurse Certificate

RN license in Georgia requires renewal in every 2 years. No continuing education is necessary for this purpose. License renewal is available online only.

If you have already registered with the Board’s site, then use the following link:

Those applicants, who haven’t registered yet can use the below link:

The instructions to renew the certificate are as follows:

      • Once you logged in, the complete information of your licenses will be shown in the list.
      • Click the button “Renew License” on the left hand side in the menu.
      • Click “Continue” on the license you want to renew. Each license needs individual renewal.
      • Read all the instructions carefully, and then select the link “Click here to begin”.
      • Update all the information and make sure you provide a valid email address.
      • Read all the questions carefully and answer them appropriately.
      • Follow the instructions for qualified alien status/citizenship. Fax, mail, or upload all the documents keeping in record a copy of all the submissions.
      • Evaluate the transaction summary carefully; ensuring that all the information provided by you is correct.
      • Proceed to the payment section, and make your payment.
      • Print a copy of the receipt and keep it in your record.

Active to Inactive Status

RNs, who no longer desire to continue their practice of nursing, may apply to change their license status to inactive. They are required to pay the renewal fees until their license gets expired. The applicants may download the inactive application form using the following link:

In the future, if they wish to restart their practice, they may change their inactive status to active by filling the reinstatement application.

Reinstatement of the RN License

The candidates may reinstate their Georgia license by using the following steps:

      • Enclose the appropriate fee of $90 in the form of a check or money order made payable to the “Professional Licensing Boards”.
      • Follow the steps 5 to 9 mentioned above (Requirements for RN License – By Endorsement).
      • Submit the completed application with the required documents in a 9×12 envelope to the licensing board address mentioned in the endorsement column.

Status Check

You can check your application status by visiting the following link:

Duplicate License

You can request for a duplicate license by following the instructions provided below:

      • Enclose a check or money order of $25 made payable to the Professional Licensing Boards Division.
      • Submit the completed application form including the fee to the following address:Secretary of State
        Professional Licensing Boards Division
        Healthcare III
        237 Coliseum Drive
        Macon, Georgia- 31217

Fee Structure

You can view the complete fee structure using the below link:

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