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Registered Nurse Certification in Texas

Registered nurse certification in Texas ensures that all license holders in the state practice safe nursing. The RN license is issued by the Texas Board of Nursing, which tries to promote and protect the welfare of the people by regulating nursing practice and approving various nursing programs.

Requirements for acquiring RN Licensure in Texas

1. Examination

The requirements to obtain an RN license by examination are:

  • If you meet any of the eligibility criteria mentioned in the link, you cannot apply online and must apply by paper application.
  • If you do not have a social security number, apply for licensure using the paper application.
  • Complete criminal background check. Within 15 days of your application submission, you are required to submit your fingerprints to MorphoTrust (IdentoGo). You may use the following link to obtain the fingerprint cards (Refer point number 3):
  • Cleared the Texas Nursing Jurisprudence examination.
  • Passed the National Council of Licensure Exam for registered nurse (NCLEX-RN).
  • Successfully completed graduation from an approved RN nursing education program.
  • Provide appropriate application fee of $125.
  • Submit an affidavit of graduation from your nursing school. If you are a graduate of Texas School of Nursing, the affidavit will be submitted directly by the nursing school. If you have completed graduation from outside Texas, you may download the affidavit using the following link:

2. Endorsement

The requirements to obtain an RN license by endorsement are:

  • First six (I-VI) requirements are same as the above-mentioned requirements of RN license by examination.
  • Provide endorsement application fee of $186.
  • Provide verification of licensure from the state, in which you were originally licensed.

Procedure to Obtain RN License in TX

1. Examination

The step-by-step procedure to obtain an RN license in Texas is given below:

Step 1:

Complete the submission of application form using any one of the following methods:

    • Carefully review the page displaying the guidelines and eligibility.
    • Submit all the essential details regarding your education and personal identification.
    • If necessary, modify the information entered.
    • Pay the application fee using Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Electronic check, or American Express.
    • Print the receipt for your record.
    • If required, you may schedule Livescan Fingerprinting to complete other mandatory requirements.
  • Paper ApplicationApplicants, who are not able to use the online application, are required to follow the given steps:
    • Submit the application fee in the form of US Money Order or Canadian Postal Money Order made payable to the Texas Board of Nursing.
    • Carefully read the information mentioned in the form.
    • After completing the form, return it with the required fee and documents to the following address: Texas Board of Nursing
      333 Guadalupe, Suite 3-460
      Austin, Texas 78701

Step 2:

Thirty days before the completion of your graduation, register yourself with the Pearson VUE to take the NCLEX-RN exam (National Council Licensure Examination), using the following link:

Step 3:

After the Board receives all the required documents, it will make you eligible to take the exam. The Pearson VUE will send you an ATT (Authorization to Test) which is valid for 75 days.

Step 4:

Upon receiving the ATT, schedule and take the exam. These results will be sent directly to the Board. If you have cleared the exam, you will receive a certificate. You may access and verify your license using the following link:

After opening the above link, print the verification as a proof.

If you have not cleared your exam successfully, a diagnostic profile with performance feedback will be received.

2. Endorsement

The step-by-step procedure to obtain an RN license by endorsement in Texas is:

Step 1:

Submit the application form using any one of the following methods:

Step 2:

You may apply for a one time, 120 days temporary license (if you are eligible) in the application form.

Step 3:

After reviewing all your documents, the license will be issued by the Board within approximately 15 business days.

International Candidates Requirements

1. Examination

All international graduates applying for a license in the state by examination need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Submit completed application form for licensure by examination.
  • Provide the appropriate fees (View the fee structure column at the end of the page).
  • Submit CES (Credential Evaluation Service) full education course-by-course report sent directly from any one of the following approved organizations to the Board:
  • CGFNS (Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools)
  • ERES (Educational Records Evaluation Service, Inc.)
  • IERF (International Education Research Foundation, Inc.)
  • Provide VOL (Verification of Licensure) form from the state, territory, country, or province, in which you presently hold or have held a license in the past. It must be sent directly from the licensing authority with the official seal.Note: The validity of VOL is 1 year after the authority’s sign and seal.
  • Provide criminal background check (See point number 3 of requirements of RN license by examination column).
  • If you have completed your nursing program in a language other than English, you must submit evidence of having taken any one of the following English Proficiency exams with the passing scores:
  • TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)- 560 in paper-based, 220 in computer-based, or 83 in Internet-based test (iBT) TOEFLOR
  • TSE (Test of Spoken English)-50 and TWE (Test of Written English)-4.0.OR
  • IELTS (International English Language Testing System)-overall score of 6.5 and 6.0 in all four modules
  • Submit evidence of nursing practice for a period of 24 months (2 years), after completing graduation from a nursing program. If you are not practicing for past least 2 years (general nurse for the past four years), you will not be licensed until you successfully complete a FENS (Foreign Educated Nurse) refresher course of 120 hours in clinical practice and 120 hours of classroom instructions under the direct supervision of an experienced RN.

2. Endorsement

All international graduates applying for a license in the state by endorsement need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Refer points 1-5 (I-V) of the above mentioned international graduates by examination.

Six Month Temporary License

A temporary license for six months is issued to registered nurses who are not working as an RN from the last 4 years. For this purpose, you must complete one of the following requirements:

  • Complete a state-approved refresher course, which is an organized course for RNs designed to update nursing knowledge.OR
  • An extensive orientation to the practice of nursing.OR
  • Complete an academic nursing course(s) under the supervision of an RN instructor, in an approved Registered Nursing education program.

Download the application for the six-month temporary permit using the following link:

Verification of RN License

  • Online: The applicants may verify their RN license by entering any one of the following:
  • Using Nursys website: You may use the following link to verify your
  • By mail: your state is not mentioned on the Nursys website, download the verification form using the above link and send it to the nursing school in your state and request them to send it back directly to the Texas Board. You may provide verification using the above form if you are a part of the non-compact state.
    Non-Compact states include Alabama, Alaska, California, Minnesota, Montana, Connecticut, Nevada, New Jersey, DC Washington, Florida, Oklahoma, Ohio, Georgia, Oregon, Hawaii, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, Louisiana, West Virginia, Massachusetts, Wyoming, Michigan, Idaho, South Carolina, South Dakota, Pennsylvania, Vermont, New York ,and Washington,

Six-month Temporary Permit Verification

The applicants who have applied for a temporary license for 6 months may verify their license using the below link. During verification, they are required to provide either the last four digits of the Social Security Number, and date of birth, or first name and last name.

Temporary License Verification

RNs who have received their license by endorsement in Texas may verify their license using the below link.

They may choose any of the methods:

  • Temporary license number, or
  • Last four digits of SSN (Social Security Number) and birth date, or
  • First and last name

Renewal of RN License

RNs need to renew their Texas license in every 2 years to continue their nursing practice. They are required to complete 20 (twenty) contact hours of continuing education (CE) in the specified period.

You will not be able to renew your license if any one of the following is true:

  • Defaulted on a TGSL (Texas Guaranteed Student Loan).
  • Not completed the mandatory CE (continuing education) requirements or/and is selected for a CE Audit. Submit evidence of completion of continuing education to the head office to release or renew your license.
  • Selected for a Criminal Background Check and the processes are still not completed, such as,
    • Convicted of a misdemeanor
    • Convicted of a felony
    • Pled no contender, no contest, or guilty
    • Received deferred adjudication
    • Placed on court-ordered probation or community supervision, whether or not adjudicated guilty
    • Convicted to serve jail or court-ordered confinement or prison time
    • Permitted pre-trial diversion
    • Seized/arrested or have pending criminal charges against him/her
    • Charged or cited with any violation of the law
    • Subjected to a violation, court-martial, or received any form of military action, judgment, or punishment
  • The primary state of residence is one of the compact states other than Texas.Compact states include Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Kentucky, Idaho, Iowa, Missouri, Maine, Mississippi, Maryland, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Carolina, North Dakota, New Mexico, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, and Wisconsin.
  • The last four digits of the SSN (Social Security Number) and/or license number entered do not match the information mentioned in the Boards files.
  • The license on Inactive Status or is Delinquent

Method to renew the license:

You may renew your license using any of the following methods:

Fee Structure

You may view the complete fee structure for licensure using:

Status Check

The applicants may check the status of their respective applications (examination, endorsement, or reinstatement) using the below link:

To check the status, you need to provide your name, date of birth, and application type.

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