Registered Nurse Certification in How to Become an RN in Missouri: Nursing License Application and Renewal Guide

Registered nurse certification in Missouri makes nurses responsible for the treatment and safety of life-threatening emergencies in a wide range of health care settings. They help patients to cure their illness. The Missouri Board of Nursing issues the RN license in the state with the aim of offering accountable and accessible regulatory system that certifies qualified and skilled professionals by evaluating minimum competency.

Requirements for Getting RN Licensure

  • Examination – The applicants are required to complete the following eligibility criteria to obtain registered nurse certification by examination:
    • Submit signed, notarized and completed application form.
    • Attach one 2” x 2” photograph (ensure that it must have your signature) with your application form.
    • Submit a non-refundable fee of $45 in the form of money order, cashier’s check or personal check made payable to the “Missouri State Board of Nursing”.
    • Submit fingerprints for criminal background check (see instructions mentioned in the application form for submitting your fingerprints).
    • After completion of your graduation, request your nursing school to forward an official transcript to the Board of Nursing.
  • Endorsement – All aspirants applying for RN license by endorsement need to fulfill the following eligibility criteria:
    • Completed, notarized and signed endorsement application form must be submitted.
    • Provide appropriate fee of $55 by check or money order, drawn in the name of “Missouri State Board of Nursing”.
    • Submit copy of current license issued in another state, territory, or province.
    • Provide criminal background check (for more details, refer your application form).
    • Provide official transcript of your nursing school which must include your current name, degree or diploma awarded, date of completion, school seal or stamp and the signature of the director/registrar.
    • Provide verification of your license. You may use the following website for more information on how to verify your license:

Procedure to Obtain RN Certification

  • Examination – The step-by-step procedure is as follows:Step 1: Download the application form using the following link:

    Step 2: Read the instructions mentioned in the form.Step 3: Submit the completely filled form with all the required documents to the given Board office address:Missouri State Board of Nursing
    P.O. Box 656
    Jefferson City, Missouri-65102-0656

    Step 4: Register online with the Pearson VUE to take the licensure exam, NCLEX-RN, using the following link:

    Step 5: After all the documents (mentioned above) are received by the Board, it will notify the Pearson VUE, making you eligible to take the test.

    Step 6: Upon notified by the Board, you will receive an ATT (Authorization to Test) sent by the testing vendor.

    Step 7: Schedule and take the examination.

    Step 8: The test results will be mailed to you. If you have successfully cleared the exam, RN license will be issued by the Board.

  • Endorsement – The step-wise procedure to procure a Missouri license by endorsement is:Step 1: Download the endorsement application form using the following link:

    Step 2: Go through the instructions provided on the application form.Step 3: Fill the form.Step 4: You may receive a non-extendable temporary license for a period of six months, to continue your nursing practice in the state.

    Step 5: Submit the application form with all the required documents to the Board office address (mentioned in step 3 of procedure to obtain RN licensure by examination).

International Graduates

All applicants graduated from a foreign nursing education program may apply for a Missouri license by examination, if they meet the following criteria:

  • Provide evaluation report with course-by-course details directly from the Board approved foreign credentials evaluation service such as CGNFS (Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools), Educational Records Evaluation Service, Inc., International Education Research Foundation, Inc., or Josef Silny & Associates, Inc.
  • If applicable, provide photocopy of your marriage certificate/license.
  • Submit proof of having passed any one of the English proficiency exams with minimum passing scores:
    • TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) – 540 on paper exam or 76 on internet based exam.
    • TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) – 725
    • IELTS (International English Language Testing System) – 6.5 overall score and 7 in spoken band.
  • Provide photocopy of your birth certificate. In case, you do not have your birth certificate, you may provide copy of passport, baptismal certificate, or notarized statement from an authorized agency as verification of name, place and date of birth.
  • Provide criminal background check (refer the application form for more details).
  • Submit a copy of your original license which was initially issued by the certifying/licensing agency where the license was obtained by examination.
  • Submit completed application for licensure by examination, one 2” x 2” photograph, and application fee of $45 in the form of money order or check made payable to the “Missouri State Board of Nursing”.

Download the application form by examination using the following link:

After completing the essential details, submit the application with the required documents to the Board office address (mentioned above in step 3 of procedure to obtain RN license by examination).

Verification of RN License

You may verify RN license using the following link:

  • If you want to verify an individual license, click on the “Search Quick Confirm” button.
  • If you want to verify a list of licenses and receive real time notifications, click on the “Add Nurse to e-notify” button.

Renewal of RN License

All licenses in Missouri expire on April 30 of every odd-numbered year. Till now, the state does not require any continuing education requirements. A renewal fee of $50 is charged.

Renewal Method 

You may renew your license online using the following link:

Renewal of Expired License

You may download the application form using the following link to renew your lapsed or inactive Missouri license:

You are required to provide the following documents to renew your license:

  • SSN (Social Security Number)
  • Proof of primary state of residence which may include a copy of your voter registration card, driving license, or federal income tax return.
  • Contact state approved vendor to provide criminal background check.

Duplicate License

If your RN license is stolen, lost, or destroyed, you may apply for a duplicate license by using the following steps:

  • Provide duplicate license fee of $15 in the form of a check, money order, or cash.
  • Return the notarized application form with the required fees to the Board office address.


You may view the complete fee structure using the following link:

Search an Active License

All active licensees may search for their license using the following link:

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