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Registered Nurse Certification in Louisiana

Registered nurse certification in Louisiana provides a wide range of job opportunities and career satisfaction to the nurses. It imparts various skills and enhances the knowledge of the nurses, so that, they can handle the patients more efficiently. The Louisiana Board of Nursing which aims at protecting the health and life of the citizens, licenses the RNs.

Requirements for Obtaining RN Licensure

The two ways to acquire RN certification are – by examination or by endorsement.

1. By Examination

For getting license through examination, the candidates must meet the requirements listed below.

  • Complete graduation from a state-approved nursing school.
  • Pass the licensure exam, i.e., the NCLEX-RN.
  • Submit duly filled application form at least 60 days before completion of graduation.
  • Submit fee of $100 with an additional fingerprint card fee of $42.50 in the form of cashier’s check or money order made payable to the “Louisiana State Board of Nursing.”
  • Provide official transcript submitted directly from your nursing school to the Louisiana Board of Nursing.
  • The applicants must have no allegations of cause for rejection of certification.
  • Should have no criminal or civil charges pending against him/her.
  • The candidate must be free from all restrictions of any form, by any health regulatory or nursing board in any U.S. state.
  • If required, provide two fingerprint cards and two Bureau of Criminal Identification form.

2. By Endorsement

The applicants, who have completed their graduation from a nursing program outside United States, are required to apply for their licensure by endorsement. While applying the candidates are supposed to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Submit proof of RN license originally issued in another U.S state, territory, or country.
  • Provide proof of current active registered nurse license that was issued from the jurisdiction of previous employment.
  • Successfully complete graduation in any nursing education program approved by the LSBN.
  • Complete any of the two exams with minimum scores:
    • SBTP (State Board Test Pool) examination with a minimum score of 350
    • NCLEX-RN (National Council Licensure Examination) with a passing score of 1600
  • You must not have any pending criminal accusations.
  • Candidates ought to be free from all disciplinary actions by any health regulatory board or state board in any U.S. state, territory, or country.
  • If you have done your graduation from a foreign country where English is not a native language, provide proof of proficiency in the English language.
  • Submit CBC (criminal background check).

Procedure to Gain RN License in LA

1. By Examination

The stepwise procedure is explained below.

2. By Endorsement

The procedure to obtain the RN licensure by endorsement is given below:

  • Download the application form from the below link:
  • After that, read the instructions mentioned in the form carefully.
  • The applicants may apply for a temporary permit of 90 days while filling the form.
  • Enclose a non-refundable fee indicated on the application form (page number 5) in the form of money order or bank cashier’s check only.
  • Submit the completed application with the required documents to the mailing address of the board office (provided above).

Renewal of RN License in Louisiana

Registered nurses are required to renew their Louisiana license annually.

Continuing Education (CE) Requirements

The continuing education requirement depends on the type of employment. The requirements are as follows:

  • Complete five contact hours of CE per year, if you have worked for a minimum of 1,600 hours (full-time workers)
  • Complete at least 10 contact hours of CE per year, if you have worked for a minimum of 160 hours (part-time workers)
  • Complete at least 15 contact hours of CE every year, if you have worked for less than 160 hours (PRN workers)

Online Method to Renew RN License

Use the following link to renew your license:

Pay the renewal fee by Master Card, Visa, Discover credit cards, or American Express.

Reinstatement of a Lapsed License

The applicants can reinstate an expired license, if they meet the following requirements:

  • Submit the completed application for reinstatement form. The form can be downloaded using the following link:
  • Enclose an appropriate fee of $100 in the form of cashier’s check or money order only.
  • Submit completed employment verification form.
  • Submit criminal background check report.
  • Provide proof verifying the completion of CE (continuing education) requirements. You may provide any one of the following:
    • Submit certificates of completion of CE which must include the following details:
      • Name of the nurse
      • Completion date
      • Number of contact hours completed
      • Accreditation of the program either by a U.S. State Board of Nursing or by ANCC (the American Nurses Credentialing Centre)
    • Submit photocopy of certification letter (card) issued by a national nursing specialty organization.
    • Submit photocopy of official transcript displaying the awarded credits in nursing course.

License Verification

The applicants may use either of the two online links to verify their license:

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