Registered Nurse Salary in Arizona

How Much Do RNs Make in AZ?

According to the survey conducted by, as of August 18, 2019, the average hourly RN salary was $33.96. Average RN earnings were equal the national average. According to the BLS, the mean annual and hourly wages, as of May 2018, were $77,000 and $37.02. In the same year, i.e., May 2018, the state provided employment to 54,690 RNs. Employment per 1,000 jobs was estimated to be around 19.604.

As an RN, one should be prepared to accept variations in pay package depending upon the city, job title and years of experience. The increment of salary depends, more or less, on the experience, in Arizona. The program provided in Accredited RN schools in AZ enables the aspirants to brush up their proficiency. They have better chances to boost up their income after acquiring the RN license in Arizona. If we talk about annual RN salary in AZ, this state would certainly not be among your favorites.

(Registered Nurse) RN Salary in Arizona-  How much do RNs make in AZ

Yearly RN Salary in Arizona (AZ) on Different Percentile Brackets

The table below discloses the wages of RNs on different percentile brackets. At different percentile levels, the income of registered nurses was also different.

  • 90% of RNs made less than $100,720; 10% made more than $100,720.
  • 75% of registered nurses earned less than $89,170; the remaining 25% earned more than $89,170.
  • 50% of the employees earned less than $75,770; the rest of 50% earned more than $75,770.
  • 25% of RNs were paid annual wages less than $65,170; 75% were paid more than $65,170.
  • 10% of employees were offered less than $55,580; 90% were offered more than $55,580.

Percentile Bracket

Annual Wages











Information Source- The Bureau of Labor Statistics (as of May 2018)

RN Salary in Major Cities of Arizona

According to the July 30, 2019 report, the highest salaries for Registered Nurse and related positions were offered by Yuma and Lake Havasu City, and the minimum salaries were paid by Prescott and Sierra Vista.

Name of the City

Average Annual Salary – RN I

Average Annual Salary – RN II

Average Annual Salary – RN III

Average Annual Salary – Head Nurse

Avondale, AZ





Chandler, AZ





Flagstaff, AZ





Gilbert, AZ





Glendale, AZ





Goodyear, AZ





Lake Havasu City, AZ





Mesa, AZ





Peoria, AZ





Phoenix, AZ





Prescott, AZ





Scottsdale, AZ





Sierra Vista, AZ





Sun City, AZ





Surprise, AZ





Tempe, AZ





Tucson, AZ





Yuma, AZ





Information Source- as of July 30, 2019 (RN-I, RN-II, RN-III and Head Nurse)

Salary of Other RN Professionals in AZ

In the sector of nursing, there are many job titles. Each designation holds different compensation and benefits. The weekly salaries for Registered Nurses and related posts varies from $1,529 a week for Registered Nurse – Medical/Surgical to $1,792 weekly for Registered Nurse – Operating Room. In terms of yearly and hourly wages, Psychiatric Nurse gets paid $52.02 an hour. The yearly salary of Registered Nurse Manager ($77,614) is the most, followed by OB/GYN Nurse ($76,783) and Registered Nurse – Home Health ($71,827).

Registered Nurse – Medical/Surgical$1,529/week
Registered Nurse – Pediatrics$1,619/week
Interventional Radiology Nurse$1,775/week
Registered Nurse – Oncology$1,635/week
Registered Nurse – Operating Room$1,792/week
Psychiatric Nurse$52.02/hour
Registered Nurse – Dialysis$1,581/week
Registered Nurse – Endoscopy$1,783/week
Registered Nurse Manager$77,614/year
Labor and Delivery Nurse$1,791/week
OB/GYN Nurse$76,783/year
Travel Nurse$1,672/week
Progressive Care Nurse$1,699/week
Registered Nurse – ICU$1,615/week
Registered Nurse – Home Health$71,827/year

Information Source- (as of July,28,2019)

Other Benefits for RNs in AZ

There are many other benefits and privileges associated with the RN’s job profile, except salary. The benefits can be non-monetary or monetary. We’ve listed a few under here.

  • Company/ hospital paid pension plan
  • Paid time-offs
  • Maternity leaves
  • Medical coverage
  • Dental coverage
  • Disability insurance
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Dismemberment and accidental death insurance
  • Memberships

Job Outlook for RNs in Arizona

Overall, the job outlook for RNs is pretty decent. According to the BLS, one can expect a growth of 15% in this field between 2016 and 2026. As per the 2018 report by HRSA the projected increase in demand of RNs in Arizona will be 72%  between 2015-2030, which is among the highest in the nation. There were 5,750 registered nurses in Arizona in 2015, which is expected to increase to 9,890 by the year 2030.

Therefore, seeing the future demand of the profession in the state, you can increase your chances of getting recruited by obtaining RN license in AZ . Pursuing further education will enhance your employment probabilities even more. Increase in the number of aged people, need to substitute professionals who would retire in the upcoming years and easy access to health care services are some of the reasons behind growth in the demand of registered nurses.

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