Registered Nurse Salary in Nebraska

Nursing is considered to be a very gracious and dignified profession in the United States. One needs profound knowledge and practical experience to work in the nursing sector. There are so many accredited schools in Nebraska that prepare students for licensing examination. The registered nurse salary in Nebraska is affected by a number of factors that may involve economical conditions and individual’s background. As per the data provided by US Bureau of Labor Statistics(BLS), in May 2017, the hourly and annual mean wage of a registered nurse in Nebraska was $29.91 and $62,210 respectively. In this year, the state employed 22,870 RNs and Employment per 1,000 jobs was 23.567. Average annual RN salary in NE, in August 2018, according to the figures of was $57,179 which is 15% below national average RN salary in the country.

Yearly/Annual RN Salary in Nebraska (NE) on Different Percentile Brackets

The table below reveals the Registered Nurse income on different percentile brackets:

  • 90% earned an amount less than $ 80,480; while the rest 10% earned more than $ 80,480.
  • 75% of RNs were paid less than $71,650; 25% were paid more than $71,650.
  • 50% of the registered nurses made less than $60,890; while the other 50% earned more than $60,890.
  • 25% of employees were offered salary less than $53,460; 75% were offered more than $53,460.
  • 10% of RNs made less than $45,490; the remaining 90% earned more than $45,490.

Percentile Bracket

Annual Wages











Information Source- The Bureau of Labor Statistics (as of May 2017)

Salary as per Geographical Location

Geographical location and cost of living are the two major factors that affect your salary. The data provided by on July 31, 2018 shows that the city of Bellevue, Omaha, and Lincoln paid the highest Staff Nurse – RN II Annual Base Salary of $68,907 each, and the lowest salary of $59,983 was offered by Norfolk.

The table below shows the RN salary data from October 14 for different cities of Nebraska. The lowest Median annual salary was provided in North Platte, i.e. $48,451 while the highest median annual pay was offered by Bellevue and Omaha, i.e. $65,140.

Name of the City

Median Annual


Median Monthly Salary

Median Weekly Salary

Median Hourly Salary











Grand Island

























North Platte










Information Source- (as of October 2014)

Salary of Professionals Holding Similar Designations

There is an array of job titles in Nebraska. Each position holds several responsibilities. Clinical Nurse Managers were the highest paid professionals with an income of $51,000 while RN Outpatient Oncology and Psychiatric Nurse received the lowest income of $42,000. The professionals were offered between $48,000 and $43,000.

RN First Assistant$48,000
Pediatric Operating Room Nurse$45,000
Interventional Radiology Nurse$46,000
RN Outpatient Oncology$42,000
Cardiac Electrophysiology Lab Nurse$45,000
Psychiatric Nurse$42,000
Renal Dialysis Nurse$46,000
Endoscopy Nurse$43,000
Clinical Nurse Manager$51,000
Postpartum Nurse$43,000
Pediatric Nurse$43,000
Cardiovascular Operating Room Nurse$47,000
Progressive Care Nurse$43,000
Ambulatory Nurse$44,000
Home Health Nurse$45,000

Information Source- (as of October 2014)

Other Benefits

The registered nurses are entitled to get certain benefits for their welfare and safety. They might include –

  • Leave benefits
  • Paid time offs
  • Health insurance
  • Accidental death and dismemberment insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Paid education leave
  • Experience credit

Job Outlook

The opportunities in the field of nursing are everlasting. The job openings are constantly emerging for the registered nurses. According to the BLS 2017 report, the estimated increase in RN employments between 2016 to 2026 will be 15%.  Besides, certifications are accessible in most of the areas of nursing, which can result into better salary packages and acknowledgment in this industry. Due to the high level of competition, it is very important that applicants grab the opportunity quickly. They need to have a strong educational base and practical experience. Nurses become the privileged leaders of the groups and are given management positions, after working for several years in a specific field.

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