Registered Nurse Salary in Idaho

Nursing is one of the top occupations in the healthcare industry. Due to the increasing job openings, students are enrolling more and more in RN schools. This has resulted in cut-throat competition, which makes it very mandatory for the aspirants to perform better than the others. Registered nurse salary in Idaho increases over time, as one specializes in a particular area and obtains experience. As per the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), the Mean per annum and per hour RN salary in ID, in May 2017, was $64,520 and $31.02. The total number of RNs employed was 13,320 and employment for these professionals per 1000 jobs was 19.430. According to the statistics of, the average pay of registered nurses was $64,626 (as of August 7, 2018). The average pay almost meets the nurse salary on the national level.

Yearly/Annual RN Salary in Idaho (ID) on Different Percentile

The income of RNs depends on percentile bracket in which they are categorized. At different percentile levels, the income of registered nurses was also different.

  • 90% of RNs made less than $83,930; 10% made more than $ 83,930.
  • 75% of registered nurses earned less than $75,390; the remaining 25% earned more than $75,390.
  • 50% of the employees earned less than $64,030; the rest of 50% earned more than $64,030.
  • 25% of RNs were paid annual wages less than $54,620; 75% were paid more than $54,620.
  • 10% of employees were offered less than $45,270; 90% were offered more than $45,270.

Percentile Bracket

Annual Wages











Information Source- The Bureau of Labor Statistics (as of May 2017)

Salary as per Geographical Location

A close look at the following table reveals that Coeur D Alene was the highest paying city of Idaho. It offered median pay of $68,054 per year, monthly median salary of $5,671 and hourly wages (median) of $33. Twin Falls was the lowest paying city. The median weekly income ranged from $1,121 to $1,309.

Name of the City

Median Annual Salary

Median Monthly Salary

Median Weekly Salary

Median Hourly Salary











Coeur D Alene





Idaho Falls




















Twin Falls





Information Source-

Salary of Similar Job Titles

The RNs in Idaho can choose any of the job title out of the list given below. But, one would need continue further studies and gain advance certifications. The table below enlists different job titles and their corresponding salaries as of October 9, 2014. Clinical Nurse Mangers were the highest paid professionals with salary of $46,000. RN First Assistants followed them with pay of $43,000. Cardiovascular Operating Room Nurses, Renal Dialysis Nurses, and Interventional Radiology Nurses made $42,000. Others enjoyed income between $37,000 and $41,000.

Job Title Salary
Home Health Nurse$40,000
Psychiatric Nurse$37,000
Endoscopy Nurse$38,000
Interventional Radiology Nurse$42,000
Renal Dialysis Nurse$42,000
RN Outpatient Oncology$37,000
Paediatric Operating Room Nurse$40,000
Progressive Care Nurse$39,000
Ambulatory Nurse$40,000
Cardiovascular Operating Room Nurse$42,000
Paediatric Nurse$38,000
Clinical Nurse Manger$46,000
Postpartum Nurse$38,000
RN First Assistant$43,000
Cardiac Electrophysiology Lab Nurse$41,000

Information Source- (as of October 2014)

Other Benefits

The other benefits might include the following-

  • Disability insurance
  • Memberships
  • Retirement and pension plans
  • Maternity leave
  • Paid time-offs
  • Childcare support
  • Accidental death and dismemberment insurance
  • Bonus

Job Outlook

The excellent part of the nursing sector is that nurses are required even at the time of inflation and deflation. In the condition of economy sluggish also, the need for registered nurses remains high, and which exhibits that nursing is a very reliable occupation. Every hospital and clinic will always require nurses to work for the patients. On the whole, it can be concluded that the future of medical and healthcare professionals, including RNs, is bright in the United States.

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