Registered Nurse Salary in Ohio

How Much do RNs Make in Ohio?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, California employed 125,380 registered nurses in May 2018 and paid the mean annual and hourly salary of $66,820 and $32.13 to RNs, respectively. The employment per thousand jobs was 23.147. A salary estimation conducted by reveals that the annual registered nurse salary in Ohio was $30.33 per hour in August 2019. It was 8% lower than the national average nurse salary .

Registered nurses are mainly employed in clinics, schools, laboratories, and hospitals throughout the country and form a larger section of the healthcare industry. If you wish to become an RN, you first need to pass the RN licensure exam.  In order to pass the NCLEX-RN exam and get an RN license in OH, you must go through RN training program from accredited schools in Ohio.

Annual RN Salary in Ohio (OH) on Different Percentile Brackets

  • 90% of registered were remunerated with an annual wage less than $84,110; while the remaining 10% received remuneration more than $84,110.
  • 75% made less than $75,130; while 25% made more than $75,130.
  • 50% of RNs earned an income less than $63,300 per annum; the other 50% earned more than $63,300.
  • 25% of RNs were paid less than $55,620; 75% were paid more than $55,620.
  • 10% were offered an amount less than $50,010; while the remaining 90% were offered more than $50,010.

Percentile Bracket

Annual Wages











Information Source- The Bureau of Labor Statistics (as of May 2018)

RN Salary in Major Cities of OH 

The workplace greatly impacts the figures of your paycheck. Geography can make a huge difference as underserved and rural areas offer more salary than the urban areas. Apart from that the level of experience also counts in deciding your salary in any state. Let’s analyze how much do different level of RNs made in different cities of Ohio.

According to July 30, 2019 report, the cities of Cleveland and Lakewood ($62,170), and Euclid ($68,653) paid highest average per year salaries to Staff Nurse RN -I. Whereas, Portsmouth and Chillicothe paid ($57,050 and $57,800, respectively) minimum among all the cities in Ohio. Bigger cities such as, Cleveland, Cincinnati and Columbus paid the level 1 (0-2 years of work experience) nurses between the range of $61,000-63,000 per annum.

Name of the City

Annual Salary RN -I

Annual Salary RN -II

Annual Salary RN -III

Annual Salary  Head Nurse

Akron, OH





Canton, OH





Chillicothe, OH





Cincinnati, OH





Cleveland, OH





Columbus, OH





Cuyahoga Falls, OH





Dayton, OH





Elyria, OH





Euclid, OH





Hamilton, OH





Lakewood, OH





Lima, OH





Lorain, OH





Mansfield, OH





Middletown, OH





Newark, OH





Portsmouth, OH





Springfield, OH





Toledo, OH





Youngstown, OH





Information Source- (As of July 30, 2019) – RN-I , RN-II , RN-III , Head Nurse

Salary of Other RN Professionals in Ohio

In the health care world, there is a wide scope for expanding your nursing career. With advance education, you can explore new opportunities and attain a higher position which, in turn, will raise your income. Ohio is no exception either. For example, Operating Room Nurses in OH earned  $1,569 per week, while Pediatric Nurses and Cardiac Electrophysiology Lab RNs made the lowest than other job titles.

Registered Nurse – Medical/Surgical$1,162 per week
Registered Nurse – Pediatrics$500 per week
Registered Nurse Case Manager$58,407 per year
Registered Nurse – Oncology$1,308 per week
Registered Nurse – Operating Room$1,569 per week
Psychiatric Nurse$126,330 per year
Registered Nurse – Dialysis$1,473 per week
Registered Nurse – Endoscopy$1,597 per week
Registered Nurse – Cardiac Electrophysiology Lab$829 per week
Labor and Delivery Nurse$1,777 per week
Registered Nurse – Primary Care$82,245 per year
Registered Nurse Anesthetist$171,624 per year
Progressive Care Nurse$1,490 per month
Registered Nurse – ICU$1,476 per week
Registered Nurse – Home Health$30.32 per hour

Information Source- (as of August, 23, 2019)

Other Benefits for RNs in OH

The registered nurses in Ohio are given the following benefits to fulfill their needs and enable them to lead a good quality life. These benefits may include-

  • Disability insurance
  • Dental and vision coverage
  • Maternity leave
  • Prescription coverage
  • Health insurance
  • Paid time offs
  • Childcare support
  • Continuing education
  • Various memberships related to the organization
  • Leave benefits (EID – Extended Illness Days)
  • Retirement plans
  • Relocation opportunities

Job Outlook for RNs in Ohio

Job prospects for registered nurses in Ohio are expected to be excellent. As per the report provided by HRSA, Ohio stands as the second top state in the US with a surplus of supply in comparison to the demand projected by the year 2030. The state is projected to have 49,100 excess RNs. The report suggests that there are 122,800 RNs in 2014, and this number is projected to grow by 181,900 in next 16 years. However, the actual projected demand by 2030 is only 132,800. However, according to The Center for Health Affairs’ nursing forecaster tool North East Ohio is expected to face a shortfall of 2,850 registered nurses, by 2020.

Another study projected that there will be 73,590 new job openings for RNs in Ohio by the year 2020. People holding bachelor degree can earn a better salary. There are huge possibilities of evolution of the nursing industry, and RNs will certainly get exposed to better pay and opportunities.

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