Registered Nurse Salary in South Carolina

How Much Do RNs Make in South Carolina?

South Carolina employed 44,350 RNs in May 2018 as per BLS, which indicates that employment per 1,000 jobs was 21.506. The Bureau of Labor Statistics survey also reported that the median hourly wages and annual mean pay as $30.25 and $64,940, respectively. According to, as of  August 12, 2019, RNs in SC earned 7% lower than the national average salary. Their average income was $30.60 per hour, and they received an overtime pay of $11,000 per annum. Indeed collected this data by the submission from 400 plus actual registered nurses working in South Carolina.

If you want to become an RN, gain a nursing degree from an approved nursing school in SC and pass the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN) to obtain a nursing license to work in South Carolina.

Yearly RN Salary in South Carolina (SC) on Different Percentile Brackets

The table below demonstrates annual salary of registered nurses at different percentile levels.

  • 90% of RNs were waged less than $82,560; 10% got more than $82,560.
  • 75% of employees grossed less than $74,490; 25% earned more than $74,490.
  • 50% of the registered nurses earned less than $62,910; while other 50% made more than $62,910.
  • 25% of RNs made income less than $54,200; 75% were paid annual salary more than $54,200.
  • 10% of employees were given less than $45,510; 90% took home more than $45,510.

Percentile Bracket

 Annual Wages











Information Source- The Bureau of Labor Statistics (as of May 2018)

RN Salary in Different Cities of South Carolina

Several factors including the area where you work affects your paycheck. In SC,  according to July 30, 2019 report, Staff Nurse – RN (Level 1) earned $57,980 per year. However, the range of the salary falls between $52,030 to $66,960, depending upon the level of experience. Similarly, the average annual salary for level 2, level 3 and head RNs in SC were $69,220, $80,800 and $100,353 respectively, as of July 2019.

The below given report of also shows the average annual salaries of RNs in various cities of South Carolina, as per the July 2019 survey. During that period Rock Hill topped the best salary paying city in SC with the average annual salary of $61,500 for level 1 RN with an experience of 0 to 2 years. The lowest paying city in South Carolina is Sumter with an average salary of $55,870  per annum. While the bigger cities of SC, such as – Charleston, Greenville and Columbia paid level 1 RNs between the range of $58,000-60,000 per year.

Name of the City

Annual Salary RN -I

Annual Salary RN -II

Annual Salary RN -III

Annual Salary  Head Nurse

Aiken, SC





Anderson, SC





Charleston, SC





Columbia, SC





Florence, SC





Goose Creek, SC





Greenville, SC





Hilton Head Island, SC





Mount Pleasant, SC





Myrtle Beach, SC





Rock Hill, SC





Spartanburg, SC





Summerville, SC





Sumter, SC





Information Source- as on July 30, 2019 ( RN-I, RN-II, RN-III, Head Nurse)

Salary of  Other Registered Nurse Professionals in SC

The job titles are given to the registered nurses on the basis of their education, field of specialization and experience. The salary associated with these job designations differs a lot. For instance, as of August 2019 with a whopping $117 per hour, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist made the highest in South Carolina. Whereas, a Psychiatric Nurse in the state also made exceedingly well with $104,069 annually. Among other nurse professionals in SC, the Primary Care -RN also took home $1830 per week, which was quite an impressive figure. Rest of the RN salaries as per their occupation and job role are listed below –

Registered Nurse – Medical/Surgical$1,236 per week
Registered Nurse – Pediatrics$1,254 per week
Registered Nurse Case Manager$62,313 per year
Registered Nurse – Oncology$1,401 per week
Registered Nurse – Operating Room$1,659 per week
Psychiatric Nurse$104,069 per year
Registered Nurse – Dialysis$1,578 per week
Registered Nurse – Endoscopy$1,535 per week
Registered Nurse – Cardiac Electrophysiology Lab$33.25 per hour
Labor and Delivery Nurse$1,647 per week
Registered Nurse – Primary Care$1,830 per week
Registered Nurse Anesthetist$117 per hour
Progressive Care Nurse$39.79 per hour
Registered Nurse – ICU$1,496 per week
Registered Nurse – Home Health$34.35 per hour

Information Source- (as of August 12, 2019)

Other Benefits

Depending on the employer, RNs can expect the following benefits:

  • Paid time-off
  • Refreshments
  • Memberships
  • Retirement and pension plan
  • Financial aid for further studies
  • Insurances
  • Financial assistance for pursuing higher education

Job Outlook for RNs in South Carolina

A huge demand for home healthcare and extended care services can be expected in the near future as the baby boom generation is growing older. This, in turn, will boost the number of jobs for the registered nurses. One of the reasons of excellent job prospects for these professionals is the high turnover of nurses in the hospitals. Rural areas and medically under-served areas are likely to witness tremendous openings for RNs. Moreover, the BLS has also predicted 15% growth in this field between 2016 and 2026. However, the projected growth for Registered Nurses by 2028 in South Carolina is 2.3%, as per the LMI, SC in conjunction with BLS.

Also the HRSA Health Workforce report of July 21, 2017  informs that by 2030, the state will face acute RN shortage, and the state will have deficit of 10,400 FTEs. So, becoming an RN can be the best career option in the state for easy healthcare employment opportunities. The policy makers are emphasizing and motivating the RNs educated from SC to stick and practice in the state itself.

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