Registered Nurse Salary in Wisconsin

According to the data of the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), in May 2017, the average registered nurse salary in Wisconsin was $69,200 per annum and $33.27 per hour. The number of working RNs in this year was 55,940 and the employment per thousand jobs was 19.80. A survey conducted by reported that RN salary in WI was $64,147 in August 2018, which was almost equivalent the national average RN salary. A proper program from an approved school will take your career to new heights by making your road to certification very easy.

Annual RN Salary in Wisconsin (WI) on Different Percentile Brackets

  • 90% made less than $92,040; 10% made more than $ 92,040
  • 75% were paid less than $78,640; 25% were paid above $78,640.
  • 50% RNs earned below $67,910; the other 50% earned above $67,910.
  • 25% were offered less than $58,390 per annum; while remaining 75% were offered more than $58,390.
  • 10% were salaried less than $52,700; 90% were salaried more than $52,700.

Percentile Bracket

Annual Wages











Information Source- The Bureau of Labor Statistics (as of May 2017)

Salary as per Geographical Location

The salary of a registered nurse in the state of Wyoming is calculated by considering economical, geographical, and demand and supply factors. According to, July 31, 2018 report, the cities of Janesville and Milwaukee paid the highest salary of $72,062 and $72,257 per year respectively to Staff Nurse – RN II. In the same period, minimum salary was paid by La Crosse, which paid $65,566 per annum.

The previous data of October, 2014 of shows that Janesville paid $69,294 yearly to its nurses with a median monthly salary of $5,774. It was the highest amount paid by any city in the WI. La Crosse paid $58,576 (lowest) yearly and $4,881 monthly. The median weekly and hourly income of RNs fluctuated from $1,126 to $1,333 and $28 to $31, respectively.

Name of the City

Median Annual Salary

Median Monthly Salary

Median Weekly Salary

Median Hourly Salary






Eau Claire





Green Bay















La Crosse






























Information Source-

Salary of Professionals Posted on Related Job Designations

There are various job titles and designations in the field of nursing that are assigned on the basis of specialization and education level. These designations have their own job profile and salary packages. For example, Clinical Nurse Managers made $62,000 while Psychiatric Nurses and RN Outpatient Oncology Nurses earned $51,000 (as of October 2014). The average annual salary of Pediatric Operating Room Nurses, Cardiac Electrophysiology Lab Nurses and Home Health Nurses was $55,000. Ambulatory Nurses and Progressive Care Nurses were salaried $54,000 and $53,000, respectively.

RN First Assistant$58,000
Pediatric Operating Room Nurse$55,000
Interventional Radiology Nurse$56,000
RN Outpatient Oncology$51,000
Cardiac Electrophysiology Lab Nurse$55,000
Psychiatric Nurse$51,000
Renal Dialysis Nurse$57,000
Endoscopy Nurse$52,000
Clinical Nurse Manager$62,000
Postpartum Nurse$52,000
Pediatric Nurse$52,000
Cardiovascular Operating Room Nurse$57,000
Progressive Care Nurse$53,000
Ambulatory Nurse$54,000
Home Health Nurse$55,000

Information Source- (as of October 2014)

Other Benefits

There are some benefits which help the registered nurses and their families. They may include-

  • Pension plans
  • Extra bonus
  • Childcare support
  • Experience credit
  • Paid education leaves
  • Disability insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Sick leaves

Job Outlook

Nursing is an indispensable job in the healthcare sector where employees are always in huge demand. These demands fluctuate on the basis of patients and medical settings. Undoubtedly, the job outlook is very positive in this field. The different statistics and reports clearly show that the job openings for registered nurses will be innumerable in the impending decade. Every nurse can augment his/her portfolio with better education, experience, and additional skills, which will help grab the finest available opportunities.

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