Registered Nurse Salary in District of Columbia

Registered nurses get decent salary packages for their work in this state. The annual median registered nurse salary in District of Columbia, in July 2018, was $93,429 (according to, which was 11.2% higher than the average nurse salary at the national level. In the same year, the median monthly and weekly income of RNs was $7,785 and $1,946, respectively. The median hourly wages were reported to be $45. The top 25% of the highest paid RNs earned $103,852 per annum. The annual Mean and hourly RN salary as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics(BLS) May 2017 survey was $90,110 and $43.32 respectively, and the total number of employments in the same period was 11,000.  If you want to earn much better, you need to complete advanced level of education from an approved RN school. Your chances of earning handsome salary increase if you acquire a certification in the specialized field.

Yearly RN Salary in District of Columbia (DC) on
Different Percentile Brackets

  • 10% were salaried below $57,270; 10% were paid above $57,270.
  • 25% were remunerated less than $69,760; while remaining 75% were compensated more than $69,760.
  • 50% earned less than $87,040; the other 50% got above $87,040.
  • 75% made below $102,840; 25% made more than $102,840.
  • The salary of 90% RNs was less than $ 128,790; while the salary of 10% RNs was more than $128,790.

Percentile Bracket

Average Annual Salary










$ 128,790

Source of Information: The Bureau of Labor Statistics (as of May 2017)

Hourly RN Salary in District of Columbia (DC) on Different Percentile Brackets

  • 10% were remunerated with an amount below $27.53 per hour; 90% were remunerated with an income more than $27.53.
  • The hourly wages of 25% RNs was below $33.54; 75% were offered more than $33.54.
  • The hourly income of 50% employees was less than $41.85; while the other 50% enjoyed income more than $41.85.
  • 75% earned less than $49.44; 25% earned more than $49.44.
  • 90% RNs made below $61.92; 10% RNs made above $61.92.

Percentile Bracket

Average Hourly Salary











Source of Information: The Bureau of Labor Statistics(as of May 2017)

Salary of Similar Job Titles

The salary of various job titles is determined on the basis of the level of education and work experience. For example, Cardiac Catheterization Lab Nurses earned $83,000; Renal Dialysis Nurses and Cardiovascular Operating Room RNs made $80,000, and Interventional Radiology Nurses were paid $79,000. RN Care Coordinators were the least paid employees with an annual income of $28,000.

Telemetry Nurse$74,000
Ambulatory Nurse$76,000
Pediatric Emergency Room Nurse$77,000
Oncology Nurse$69,000
Renal Dialysis Nurse$80,000
Interventional Radiology Nurse$79,000
Cardiac Catheterization Lab Nurse$83,000
Cardiovascular Operating Room RN$80,000
Psychiatric Nurse$72,000
Home Health Nurse$77,000
Postpartum Nurse$74,000
Pediatric Nurse$74,000
RN Care Coordinator$28,000
Pediatric Operating Room Nurse$77,000
Endoscopy Nurse$73,000

Source of Information- (as of October 2014)

Other Benefits

Registered nurses may receive the following benefits from their employers:

  • Paid education leave
  • Disability insurance
  • Paid time-offs
  • Health insurance
  • Tax saving plans
  • Life Insurance
  • Tuition reimbursement

Job Outlook

Registered nurse occupation occupies a large part of the healthcare industry. The data of the Bureau of Labor Statistics May 2017 survey projected that the need for RNs will increase by 15% between 2016 and 2026 as compared to other occupations. In the year 2016, the number of RNs in the USA was 2,955,200. This number is going to reach up to 3,393,200 by the end of 2026. Hence, there is a great scope for the registered nurses in the coming years.

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